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The SE-5 legacy is self evident for most people that have investigated this area of research. Since its inception in 1985, the SE-5 has become the standard of the industry. The SE-5 was the 5th instrument that Dr. Willard Frank (aka Bill Lawson Ph.D.) had developed. The original SE-5 superceded the Digitron. In 1996 The SE-5 plus superceded the SE-5 and added some more features and energetics.

After Dr. Frank passed away in 2009, Don Paris Ph.D.(h.c) took over and modernized the SE-5 plus into the SE-5 1000. Today we can confidently say that the SE-5 1000 is the most advanced technology of its kind that can be found anywhere in the world.

Because the SE-5 1000 is easy to use and brings consistent results, it has continually had rave reviews from its users.

We have developed another website for the SE-5 1000 also. www.se-51000.com.

Part one is a public site with lots of information about the SE-5 1000 and Radionics in general. Much of the information for the public is also found on this site.

Part two is private only for SE-5 1000 owners. This side of the site will feature a private Blog where you can write what you feel and share your experiences.

There is also an download section for new colors/sounds/geometrics/videos for the new SE-51000 software. This will be a place where you can share your favorite power images/sounds etc. as well as get new ones.




The benefits are innumerable! Imagine having a tool in your hands that gives you access to the blueprints of reality. Since IDFs ( Intrinsic Data Fields) exist in all things, then having a way to influence these data fields with the SE-5 1000 is limited only by your creativity. Whether you work with plants, animals, business or just around the home, the SE-5 1000 is the perfect tool to make changes in the basic fabric of the universe that you live in.

SE-5 Intro

Unsolicited Testimonial

"By the way it is now almost 11 years since I bought my old SE-5 from you and I still say it is one of the best purchases I have ever made. And learning and growing continues to this day. I am sure I am not unusual in this. But it is fun to be able to say this to you with such enthusiasm." Oct. 2007

Jim M. - Vermont