Chapter 21 Improving Gas mileage with the SE-5 1000

This is something that I have heard about, but never actually tried out for myself.

The person that tried this had a Rolls Royce that was getting 6 to 7 miles to the gallon. After potentizing his gas, he was getting 14 to 15 miles to the gallon. (After the first printing of this book, many people have verified this experiment and the average improvement was between 10-15%. I believe this to be the case as most people are driving cars that are much more fuel efficient to begin with as opposed to a Rolls where fuel economy wasn’t part of the original design.) With a mileage improvement like that, a little extra effort is worth the time. (Of course if you own a Rolls, an extra SE-5 1000 is a small expense.)


1. Normal Start-up.

2. Connect your Light Cable to the SE-5 1000.

3. Make a Custom Program with the following Tunings: “FTHG / COMPLETE COMBUSTION OF GAS’’ “INCREASE MILEAGE FROM GAS” “ELIMINATE POLLUTION FROM EXHAUST’’ “IMPROVE PERFORMANCE FROM GAS” “BOOST OCTANE” (Put one Tuning Statement per line in your custom program so that each one balances separately.)

4. In the original SE-5 and SE-5 plus, people put the cable into the gas tank and then ran the program. With the new design of the SE-5 1000, this is not possible because the cable is electified with over 200 volts of electricity and explosion could result.

As an alternative to using an Output Cable in the gas tank, you could get a bottle of octane booster or gas additive and wrap the Light Cable around ti and put the Tunings into the liquid. Then pour the bottle into the tank. This would be a cleaner solution to the orignial procedure listed above.

5. Switch the MEASURE Switch into the BALANCE position with the Amplitude Knob at 100.

6. Start your Custom Program.


Q. Is there anything one can do with an older engine to bring it back to life?

A. I have a friend that had a VW Bus that was using oil and the compression was very low. He used the SE-5 1000 and I believe he used the Tuning, “EXPAND PISTON RINGS TO ORIGINAL SIZE’’, and the compression came up to 110psi on every cylinder. I don’t know how long it held, as he sold it not long afterward.

Q. How would this work on brakes and clutches?

A. Try something like “ELIMINATE WEAR ON BRAKES AND CLUTCH”. Perhaps it would be best to balance the shoes or pads by wrapping the Output Cable around them and using a word Tuning before putting them on the car, if possible. I did my brakes by using a photograph of the whole car, however, and after 60,000 miles they were still only half used.