Appendix C (Accessories)

Taking a reading. To measure the amplitude of a Tuning, the left hand changes the Amplitude knob while the right hand rubs on the Plate until a stick is felt.

The Output Cable This is used to apply IDF balancing directly to larger objects such as a bag of groceries.

The Input Probe For scanning lists, charts, and maps, the Input probe is used.

The Input Plate Used for compatibility testing and for testing large samples, like foods or vitamins.

Audio Cable
The audio cable is used to connect an audio source to the SE-5 1000 to send sound via Scalar to your target.

USB Cable
USB cable is used to connect the SE-5 1000 to your computer.

Camera and Printer
The digtial camera and Polaroid Printer is used for creating a sample of your subject for analysis and balancing.