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Chapter One

What is an SE-5

Walking through the crowded isles of the Future Technology Symposium, the gentle feelings of peace and serene calm surprised me as I passed a crowd of people at one of the booths. As I nuzzled into the crowd to get a closer look, I noticed that everyone was listening intently to a friendly looking man that had a slight look of what I imagine an extraterrestrial could look like. I can’t say that it was anything in particular in how he looked, but more in the eyes. Yes, that’s it. It was the look of the future showing through his eyes.

I moved in a little closer until I could hear his words as he was giving his spiel. “By bringing in the higher vibrational frequencies, they naturally become the stronger pattern of resonance within the body. Healing is a natural outcome as these frequencies are of a higher order and contain, what we would think of as, more life energy.”

My ears picked up considerably when I heard the words, healing and more life energy, as that is just what I needed about now, more life energy. I wouldn’t say I was a hypochondriac, but I certainly had my share of problems with my health. After growing up with asthma, severe allergies to about everything, and later developing hypoglycemia, and migraine headaches, I felt like a little more life energy would do me just fine. At the moment I was only running on about two cylinders, and it felt to me like it was all my body could do to get through the day. Healing itself seemed out of the question. I didn’t know what all of these vibrational frequencies were that he was talking about, but I assumed it had something to do with the small instrument that was on the table before him. I listened further.

“The key here is balance,” he continued. “When we bring the system into balance, there is naturally more energy available for healing and other areas of life. Here’s an example. Try hanging your head down as far as it will go. Just let it hang there and relax. Feels good doesn’t it?”

I had to admit, I felt better, at least for a while. I soon noticed that my back was beginning to complain. Then he said, “Now let your head fall backward.” Again I tried this, but this time it didn’t feel good from the beginning. My back was definitely screaming by this time. After letting us stay in that position for an excruciatingly long thirty seconds he said, “OK, now see if you find the point in the middle where your head is neither falling forward nor backward, but is in a perfect state of balance.” His point was well taken, as I instantly felt relieved of the burden of holding my head with my neck muscles.

“Your entire system works on the same principle. Imagine how much better your body would feel if everything was balanced and all of your energy was available for whatever you want in your life. Let me have a volunteer from the group?” he asked.

By this time what he said was sounding very good to me, so I shot my hand up and he said, “Come on up here young man.” At the moment I didn’t feel so young, but I moved through the crowd next to him. He said, “Do you have any health problems, or complaints?” I didn’t know where to start, but somehow I croaked out the words, “My back.” It wasn’t making me feel any better standing out in front of the crowd as I was always nervous in front of a group, especially when I had to talk. Little by little I began to calm down, and he felt very reassuring.

He then asked me to stand next to a blank screen at the back of the booth while he took my picture. As the picture slid out the front of the camera, he continued talking while the picture was developing. “By taking a picture of you, the crystals in the film emulsion are ‘cut’ to resonate with your subtle vibrational field. This will act as a tuning device much in the same way as your television has a channel selector.” He then slipped the picture into a slot on the side of the small computer that he had in front of him. I noticed that he was pushing some buttons and rubbing one hand on the instrument while turning a knob with the other. He said that he would explain the procedures later to anyone that wanted to stay but he mentioned that everything looked good and there weren’t any interferences at the moment.

After a few more movements of similar fashion on the instrument, he walked over behind me and asked, “Does it hurt right here?” I thought I was going to go through the ceiling as he pushed on the exact spot where the pain was coming from. When I somewhat loudly yelled “Yes,” he simply said “I thought as much,” and went back over to the instrument and started pushing some buttons again. In a moment he asked me to lean my head back and feel my back. I slowly let my head glide backward and a surprising thing happened. I felt a kind of click and movement in my back, and all of the pain disappeared. ‘Amazing,’ I thought to myself, ‘I usually only feel this way after seeing a chiropractor.’

After telling him how good my back was feeling, I asked, “Did your machine do that?”

He replied, “No, your body did. All I did was send new information to your system and it did the rest. You see, our bodies, as well as all life, come preprogrammed for health and vitality. It has intelligence and knows how to repair itself if there is a problem. As a race, we are learning about separation, and individuality, and therefore have cut ourselves off from most ideas of wholeness. We grow up separating ourselves from everything to find out who we are. Since we are spending most of our time with these thoughts, our bodies begin to respond in like manner. I guess you could say that I reminded your system that it was indeed a system and that it could work together, regaining wholeness through the subtle dimensions.”

Most of this was above my head, but I didn’t really care at the moment, as I was feeling great. I hadn’t felt this good in years. As I was reveling in this feeling of gratitude and joy, I drifted back to consciousness and awoke next to my beloved, who was sleeping next to me. I quietly rolled over and searched for my dream journal and penlight in the darkness to write down everything that I could remember from my dream. I was so excited that it had worked. Before falling asleep I had put on my Dream Mate lucid dream mask. I programmed myself to have a lucid dream and learn more about interesting technology. I had been experimenting with the dream mask for several weeks and had even more success with lucid dreams than I had expected.

The first time I heard about the possibility to be conscious while dreaming and be able to have some degree of control over my dream, I became very excited. My imagination reeled with the possibilities of all the things I could do. Learning to fly was top on my list. This proved to be quite challenging and sometimes I had more success than others. Then I practiced meeting with friends in my dream and talking to them the next day to see if they could remember me in their dream. Surprisingly, many times they had a very similar dream with me in it!

The dream mask works by sensing when we are in the REM (rapid eye movement) period, and then gently flashing red lights through the closed eyelids. This usually causes something in the dream landscape to flash in rhythm with the flashing lights. During the daytime I practiced some mental exercises to help me “wake-up” in my dream.

This new development of looking into the future to see what new technology may be coming our way was really topping it off. I wrote furiously as to not miss any of the details of my first meeting with the dream teacher. With my thoughts whirling I staved off the temptation to wake my lover and tell her everything that I had experienced.

Finally, the weight of the night enveloped me once again as I drifted back to the fair.

I found myself once again standing at the booth and the presenter seemed to sense both my elation and my dumbfoundedness.

He said, “Let’s begin at the very beginning and then straighten out any confusion that this may create for you.” He continued, “The letters SE-5 stand for Subtle Energy — 5th model. The SE-5 was the fifth model of a digital instrument that would allow you to measure and balance subtle energy fields. Now we have the SE-5 plus, an even more powerful version of the SE-5. You might think of it as a computer that you can use to detect whether or not something is emitting a life field, and then send out information to help restore the balance of these subtle fields. Sounds a little like Greek doesn’t it?” I nodded. “Well, let’s look at it step-by-step,” he replied.

He turned slightly to the right and pointed what looked to me like a kind of remote control for a TV into the air. Then, before the whole crowd, words appeared before us floating in a ghostly three dimensional hologram. It said,

“In the beginning we thought that these subtle fields were a form of energy, hence the name Subtle Energy Field. We have since determined that we are not working with energy at all. It would be better described as a pure field of information that is emitted from all creations in nature and all parts of those creations, down to the very atoms that make up everything.

We will discuss this in detail later, but as we all know, nothing is really solid even though it feels that way to our touch. Way down inside are the tiny atoms moving at incredible speeds inside of everything that we know of. But how does an atom know how to move the electrons in such numbers and ways to produce specific elements and build molecules of distinct shape and purpose? We have called the blueprints that govern this creative process, Intrinsic Data Fields. (IDFs)

As it turns out, everything is designed from these blueprints and normally they are found encoded in, or riding on some form of energy like light, electromagnetics, atomic, etc. Since they are usually associated with an energy field, it was only natural in the beginning to think that they were energy. Some people have called these fields, Life fields or L-fields for short because they seem to appear in all forms of life, animate and inanimate.”

He continued, “There have been many names for these fields, but we refer to them as Intrinsic Data Fields or sometimes Subtle Information Fields. They are so subtle that experiments involving IDFs can be affected by thought.

This is one reason that it is sometimes difficult to get 100% repeatable experiments with subtle fields or any other type of experiment. The very thoughts of the people involved can affect the experiment! Even the establishment scientists are beginning to recognize this in experiments with atomic and subatomic particles. Scientists are beginning to think that atoms have personality, because sometimes they misbehave,” he mused.

I chuckled under my breath as I thought about atoms talking to one another, planning tricks to play on the scientist.

“Are we saying that every living thing in the universe is emitting these subtle fields of information?” Not waiting for an answer he replied, “Yes. Not only that, but every ‘nonliving’ object, such as a stone or metal, is emitting a subtle field of information. In a sense everything in our universe is alive as everything is made up of spinning atoms that are built from these informational blueprints (IDFs). Let’s look at a plant for example.” He pressed a button on his remote control and floating before us was a picture of a leaf with a soft glow pouring out around the edges. (see fig. 1.1)

“With a special photographic process called Kirlian Photography, one can take a photo of, let’s say, a leaf, and all around the edges of the leaf you can see a brilliant glow of light.”

He continued, “This corona or ‘aura’ of the leaf is the subtle field blueprint of this leaf. This blueprint remains for some time even after taking away a part of the leaf.” (see 1.2)

“It is really the pre-physical shape of the leaf that is similar to an architect’s blueprint that, in the architect’s mind, is very real and he/she knows exactly how the building will manifest and take form. Of course, Nature’s architects don’t have home owners that change their mind half way through the process,” he laughed, “most of the time Nature turns out objects of perfection.”

I was beginning to enjoy myself as the information flowed into my mind effortlessly.

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