SE-51000 Website

There will also be a section for new program downloads/uploads. If you have developed a potent new program and want others to test / use it, you will be able to post it in this section.

There will also be an update section for updates to the SE-5 1000 software and firmware if the need arises for an update.

The new website is (of course :).

The site will still be active and have my free book and purchase information etc. on it.

For those of you that are already SE-5 owners and users or just curious, I have also made a public Blog in which this newsletter will be the very first posting.

You can leave comments on the Blog as well. This is an open forum for anyone so in this Blog, please watch how you write and do not make any claims or use words like diagnose and treat or treatment (because that is not what we do with the SE-5).